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Scanner saved my butt!

edited March 2012 in Scanner
I have been on the trial and found it to be vital in determining what was really going on with 3 (yes 3) Seagate drives that were going bad all at once.  I recently added a 2TB WD drive (the second one in an eventual set of 4) and had actually added it to DrivePool before deciding that I'd be OCD and scan the drive instead of just looking at the smart data.  I've gotten a bit complacent over new drives as I've never encountered a problem before.

The brand new drive had 22 bad sectors!  The Smart data was all good, but WD's tests confirmed that it was a defective drive.  I was able to remove it from the pool, and I'll have a replacement on Monday.  

I could have downloaded the tester and done this by hand in the first place, but this add-in gives you a convenient way to stay on top of the drive's condition automatically.  This add-in is worth every penny, and you can bet I'm buying it now.


  • I had a similar experience. My 2TB WD drive was responding slowly, but was passing SMART and WD's tests. After using Scanner, I found the drive had numerous bad sectors and was so slow because it was trying to recover them. After contacting WD, they agreed to RMA it eventhough their tools were saying it was okay. The replacement drive they sent me works great. Scanner was definitely worth the money and I was able to save my data before I lost anything of consequence (I did lose a bit of stuff).
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