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How can I detect the warn disk?

edited April 2012 in Scanner
I have one disk with SMART errors on , but I can't determinate what disk is the one with that errors on drivepoll to remove it. I try to use physcal path but I have actually 10 disk and some of them through a scsis card that gives all the same physycal path.

There is any way to show scanner status on pool tab, or add the column name from scanner in real tab, I think that would be great any kind of integration between your two apps.

Another way is to show some HD info in pool tab as serial number and name when you selected it, actually you only see the remove option if added.

thanks in advance.


  • I photographed all my drives labels and stored them. I then labeled them as I put them in as which physical location in the server. I then renamed the drives and changed drive letters to match so they list something like this before putting in the pool. Not sure you could change them once in the pool maybe someone else can comment.

    [1] Disk (D:\)
    [2] Disk (E:\)
    [3] Disk (F:\)
    [4] eSata Server Backup (G:\)

    Learnt from hard experience. I probably went over the top but no more getting confused when your are in a panic trying to troubleshoot your data problems.

  • Forgot to add if you have the right controller (not the Silicone Image 3114) you get DriveScanner addin and right click the drive and you will get the model and serial number. I just asked if the 3114 will be supported but I think it is a limitation of the chipset.
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