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M4: Lossing shares on WHS 2011 restart

edited January 2012 in DrivePool
Deceided to take the Plunge last night and give M4 a go. I followed the instructions and the installation was slick. Rebooted the server and saw that the pooled shares had gone. I have since reinstaed them in a number of ways but they still seem to get dropped on a reboot. Read a few posts but none of the suggested solutions seem to have worked for me.


  • I'm having the same exact issue. I recreated the share after install, but after each reboot, the shares are gone and I have to recreate. Any fixes for this?
  • I have just upgraded to 5421 which in the change log indicates some changes have been made to address this.

    Well as soon as I rebooted the shares have been lost and I have had to manually recreate in 5421. I have then rebooted again to confirm that they have not been retainined. The change log suggested that some changes had been made although the fault was unreproducable at Alex end.

    I have tried redoing the share using the different methods mentioned in the various posts on this subject but the way I do it most often is from the dashbaord... Under server folders I click add folder. I then browse to my pooled drive where all the pooled folders seem to be sitting at the root so I:\dvds etc. The I grant RW access to everyone. The share then remains in place until the next reboot.

    I have also tried a full uninstall and reinstall of DP. Immediatley the shares were made available but were lost again after a reboot?

  • edited January 2012 Member
    Same error here. All Drivepool shares are gone after a reboot. Maybe there is a timinig problem that the shares are established before the Covefs drive comes online?! My WHS Server uses slow hardware (that caused problems with M3 and before).

  • My shares come up fine, but I have major hardware overkill.
  • When reestablishing a share on the pool (one which will get lost in a restart), the windows event display will show

    Protokollname: Application
    Quelle:        VSS
    Datum:         16.01.2012 18:01:22
    Ereignis-ID:   12289
    Ebene:         Fehler
    Benutzer:      Nicht zutreffend
    Computer:      Twihomeserver
    Volumeschattenkopie-Dienstfehler: Unerwarteter Fehler "DeviceIoControl(\\?\Volume{f13f3687-3fb6-11e1-a306-00151731b275} - 000000000000012C,0x00530024,0000000000000000,0,000000000034D600,4096,[0])". hr = 0x80070001, Unzulässige Funktion.
    <Event xmlns="">
        <Provider Name="VSS" />
        <EventID Qualifiers="0">12289</EventID>
        <TimeCreated SystemTime="2012-01-16T17:01:22.000000000Z" />
        <Security />
        <Data>DeviceIoControl(\\?\Volume{f13f3687-3fb6-11e1-a306-00151731b275} - 000000000000012C,0x00530024,0000000000000000,0,000000000034D600,4096,[0])</Data>
        <Data>0x80070001, Unzulässige Funktion.

    It concerns the shadow copy function which is not possible on a pool drive. I don´t know wether this is the cause or just an anticipated side effect.

  • edited January 2012 Member
    Same error here. All Drivepool shares are gone after a reboot. Maybe there is a timinig problem that the shares are established before the Covefs drive comes online?! My WHS Server uses slow hardware (that caused problems with M3 and before).

    Exactly what i thought. I think WIndows try's to create the shares before the Drivepool drives are ready.

    I have 3 different SATA controllers, with a total of 12 drives. So booting ain't fast.

    Maybe a longer timeout or some kind of auto retry could fix this...
  • Well the longer timeout would have to be on the windows side and that might not be easy to bring about. Lets see what Alex has to say...
  • I have the exact same problem, looking forward to Alex doing some magic on this issue..
  • Have now upgraded to 5472.

    • However removed the add-in first.
    • Rebooted
    • Then in the registry I stripped out any entries left with covefs, I: (My Drivepool virtual drive) and drivepool in
    • Rebooted
    • Installed 5472
    • Rebooted
    • Setup the drivepool shares in the dashboard with everyone full control
    • Rebooted

    But alas the shares have been dumped at reboot again. Any ideas?

    One share, Pictures, is a WHS default share and I remapped this to i:\pictures but on reboot the dashboard showed that the share was missing. Looking at the path it wanted it was looking for i:\serverfolders\pictures

    Is this the issue?

  • Alex is working on the problem... Somehow the pool directories are not listed during boot on slow systems so shares are dumped on reboot.
  • Thanks for the update. What consitutes a slow system?

    Granted my MB is not the most recent and based on an Intel Core 2 6700@2.7GHz with 4Gb of Ram

  • Hmm that is in WHS terms most definitely NOT a slow system :-) Maybe the problem has nothing to do with system performance after all, we will see...
    I'm having exactly the same Issue, My computer is a Athlonx2 2.8 Ghz with 6 gb RAM and running with little CPU and MEMORY.

    Any way we can help to solve the issue?
  • edited January 2012 Member
    Alex just resolved this issue with build: 5536 !.. YAY!

  • Alex,

    Great work and thanks for the fix. Just tried 5536, rebootted and there are the shares as I left them.

    Great work alex,

    I have check it this morning and everything is working perfectly and not any share is lost. Thanks for your work.
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