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Thank you,

What is "Other" files showing in my drivepool?

edited April 2013 in DrivePool
Hi all,

I have a question about DrivePool. I'm running Windows Server 2012 Standard 64-bit with DrivePool BETA. Everything is running smooth, but i don't understand what the 4,56GB of "other" files are (see picture below). I don't use duplication at all. 

Is there a way to see what/where the 4.56GB are coming from? I did at re-measure but it didn't change anything. 

Thank you in advance. 



  • edited April 2013 Resident Guru
    "Other" consists of data that exists on the pooled physical drive(s) but is not actually in the pool itself.

    For example, if you had a 1GB file in "E:\somefolder", that would count towards the "Other" total. This total also includes System Volume Information folders that are normally hidden by the Windows operating system (and unless measured using SYSTEM privileges, appear to have zero size).
  • Covecube
    Shane's correct. But if you have shadow copies (previous versions) enabled, or files in the "recycle bin" from that drive. Or even if stuff is using alternate data streams... this will appear as "other". 
  • Good to know,

    Alex should probably add a nice info popup window when we hover over "Other" to de-mystify for all with the facts above.  That way we're not nervous something important is not being duplicated :)
  • Covecube
    "Other" is described rather well in this blog post:
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