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WHS 2011 - OS drive Died

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
I have been using drivepool and keeping up with the updates (updated as of a week ago).  I just had my OS drive die (no backup). 

all my data drives are fine and i did not have anything on the OS drive. 

Can i just do this:
1) Fresh install on a new drive of WHS 2011 (without the old data drives hooked up)
2) Reinstall drive pool
3) hook up the old data drives and have all my data still their and accessible.

I am unsure when i should hook up all my drives again.  Before or after i reinstall drive pool.

PS: Great product has saved my ass MANY times....


  • edited May 2013 Resident Guru
    Yes, you can do this. So long as you do #1 first, whether you do #2 or #3 next doesn't matter so long as all the pooled drives are hooked up together (though I'd hook them up before installing DrivePool). If custom shares aren't restored, run the "Restore" and "Reset" options of the Troubleshooter tool from
  • Thanks for the info shane!!!!

    Just finished with the basic
    reinstall and setup of stablebit.  Worked perfect.  Thanks for the info
    on the Troubleshooter.  Needed it for restore.

    Here is what i did in case someone else comes across this:
    1) Fresh install on a new drive of WHS 2011 (without the old data drives hooked up)
    2) Windows Updates until they where finished
    3) hook up the old data drives
    4) Reinstall drive pool
    5) Downloaded trouble shooter utility tool and restored my shares
    6) ran reset options with the trouble shooter tool.

    Looks like everything is perfect.  thanks a ton!

    Wonderful product guys......i have gotten 3 other people to buy this and after this really glad i told them about this.

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