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Need an HBA that support 2tb+ that will pass the smart data to stablebitt scanner

edited May 2013 in Scanner
Im in the process of rebuilding my WHSv1 toward WHS2011 as i need more space, and planning on adding 8x 4tb, i have chosen stablebitt as my drivepool to have the same functionality that i had on my WHSv1, but right now the Intel SASUC8i dont pass the smart data,  so im here for suggestion for HBAs that can pass the smart data to WHS2011/Stablebitt scanner.


  • M1015's and HP's SAS expanders support passing smart data and drives over 3TB. They are the most popular HBA/Expander combination for WHS 2011.
  • Member
    Thx for the reply,

    Can I run 2x IBM m1015 instead of the HP SAS EXpander? Will it be the same? Will I still get the smart info or do the hp sas expander needed for that? I'm only going to run 16x hdd.
  • Covecube

    Have you tried enabling "UnsafeDirectIo" for Scanner? On a few rare setups, it may cause the system to become unstable, hence unsafe, but on a lot of the SAS cards, enabling it does get the info to be passed on.

    As for the IBM m1015 cards, IIRC, if you flash them to the LSI 9211 IT Firmware (I think it was), those would definitely work, again with the UnsafeDirectIo setting enabled.

    However, I do know that the HighPoint RocketRAID 2720 does pass this info on (again... use Unsafe), as I own one of these personally.

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