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EX495 V1 Locking Up with Scanner -- also migrating to 2012E

edited May 2013 in Scanner
Hi Alex / all --

I just wanted to write to see if any others had experienced any issues with Scanner on their WHS V1 machines, specifically the HP EX495.  My experience has been that the EX495 will run smoothly for anywhere from 12 hours to 3 days with scanner installed and then it will freeze and become inaccessible:  Console unavailable from client machines, RDP unavailable from clients, shares unavailable from clients, BUT blue drive lights and box health lights are ok.  Requires hard reset with power button to reboot.  FYI -- 4 installed drives were 3x 2TB WD Greens (data) and an Seagate Momentus 500GB hybrid drive for the OS...  I also had 2 or 3 spare (non-pool) drives attached out the back via an eSATA enclosure.   

I've done this repeatedly for about 4 weeks since buying the licensed version of Scanner -- the same thing has happened 6-8 times, only differences were how long it would take -- I have reviewed error logs and can't see anything obviously related to Scanner, but it's the only thing that has changed in my system in months.  More importantly, since I uninstalled the scanner last week, the freezes have not occurred any more.  The 495 has been rock solid for about 8 days now.  

Honestly, it had been a while since installing the evaluation trial, but I do recall experiencing this same issue last year during the trial period and I didn't have time to figure it out.  A few weeks back during the HSS interview, I figured I'd give it another try, but with my trial period expired, I purchased the license.  I'm not even really looking for any fix or solution here since I'm in the process of migrating to my next server, but I was just curious if anyone else had reported anything like this.

I know the V1 add in (and V1 itself) is a legacy product and this experience has led me to evaluate my own home server file and backup needs going forward.  In the last two weeks, I've bought the N54L Proliant Microserver and I'm in the process of upgrades and installing Server 2012 Essentials on it.  I'm most definitely interested in installing scanner and drivepool 2.0 on that box / OS.  

I'm hoping Covecube (Alex) will consider transitioning my scanner v1 license to a Server 2012 (W7) license since I'll not be reinstalling the add-in to my V1 any more given the issues I've had.  I'm happy to submit a ticket with my payment information to confirm my recent (------------------------) purchase...




  • edited May 2013 Covecube

    I've heard of similar happening. I'd offer to help track it down, but since it sounds like you're upgrading already... If it happens on the new system, please contact us immediately!

    And yes, we will definitely see about transfering the license over when you're ready. Just submit a ticket at using the name and email you used to purchase the license with and we'll see to it.

    I've also edited your post to remove the date and time. 


  • Thanks very much for commenting.  I did a quick forum search and couldn't see anything obviously related so I figured I'd post my experiences for you and anyone else still rocking their v1's / EX495s.

    I'm actually pretty excited to get the N54L up and running and try out the new scanner and drivepool.  Looks like I'll be able to do my migration the right way and take my time....  at first I was thinking this might be something on my 495 going bad.

    I'll put in a ticket when I'm ready to install the software on my new machine.

  • Covecube
    The N54L is a nice piece of hardware. Good reason to get excited. :)

    As for moving from v1 to newer... 
    Dead simple. Takes minutes. :)

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