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stable bit - exception

edited May 2013 in BitFlock
Seems like there is a problem today after a reboot.  Two different stablebit scanner items in the event log.  Suggestions welcome...

Error report file saved to:

C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Service\ErrorReports\ErrorReport_2013_05_15-09_24_34.1.saencryptedreport


CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter+ReporterTimeoutException: {reporter_exception}
   at CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter.ThrowTimeoutReportN(String TheAction, TimeSpan TheTimeout, Object[] TheParams)
   at CoveUtil.ErrorReporting..(Object )

Error report file saved to:

C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Service\ErrorReports\ErrorReport_2013_05_15-09_24_34.5.saencryptedreport


CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter+ReporterLogException: {reporter_exception}
   at CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter.ThrowLogReportN(Exception TheException, Object[] TheParams)
   at CoveUtil.ErrorReporting..(Exception )

I appreciate any and all help.  I have not seen these errors before.

Kind regards,


  • Covecube
    But for the "C:\ProgramData\StableBit Scanner\Service\ErrorReports" folder instead. 

    And what was the issue? That it rebooted? Unexpectedly? Or? I'm not sure what the issue was here.

  • Member
    Hello There,

    I have submitted my error_reports in zip format to the contact sheet you specified above.  As far as what was the issue, so far it is just that I am seeing this stuff in the event viewer. Maybe this is a problem that needs to be looked into.  Would like to clear it up on my end..
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