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Windows share recycle bin

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
Hi there, another question for you ;)

I plan to use Drivepool for all of my data, including users home dirs, videos, photos, etc.
All of this handled on a server, and shared over the (gigabit) network for the PCs.
I have checked with my IT colleagues, and the userprofile folder comes with a recycle bin even when mounted from a network share.
Unfortunately, for network drives it is not the case.

Does anyone know about how to make that possible?
I know that some competitors of Drivepool handle that directly in the pooled drive, handling their own recycle bin.
Is there such a functionality in DP?


  • Covecube
    Is there some reason that you couldn't use a network share directly, instead of mapping a drive? 
    In fact, it would be better to use a network share, as you can set that to be synced by "Offline Files" so the folders will be available even when the server isn't.

    (incidently, that's what Server 2012 Essentials does when you set up "Folder Redirection").
  • Member
    Hi Drashna, yes I can use the share directly without mounting it on a drive (it is just more convenient to me).
    I cannot make the share available offline, we are talking about 4TB of data here.
    I have designed my infrastructure so that the server is always online when required and handle all my personal and multimedia data. This way I have only one place to secure and backup, all of my other PCs being able to completely crash without consequence.
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