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Folders in Overview Not Displaying

edited May 2013 in DrivePool


I have upgraded to the latest version of Drivepool ( and now I cant view my list of folders in the overview section.  When I click on disks it shows me all the disks and how much storage is being used but when I click on tab Fodlers it shows a blank screen and just a shortcut to manage folders.  How do I fix this?




  • Covecube
    So, it only shows the used storage, and not the indivudual folders?
    Make sure the Windows Search service is running. And if it is already, you may need to rebuild the index for it.
  • Hi Drashna

    It is only showing me the list of disks and storage used on Disks Tab under Overview but when I Click on  Folders Tab it jsut tells me 12 folders on the pool.  On previous version it would actually list all the folders and tell me how much was in each folder.  Now it doesnt dispaly the list of fodlers or anything.  I have checked and Windows Search Service is running and I have rebulit the index twice.  If I uninstall the latest version and go back to version everything is working as it is.  I have tried upgrade and have also tried uninstalling and installing new version but nothing works.


  • Forgot to mention.  If I go into the main folders tabe, which is inbetween Overview and Pool I can see the list of all the folders plus when I click on each folder it shows me pie chart and how much space is being used on each drive in pool.  It jsut wont show me anything in OVerview - Folders.
  • Covecube
    Okay, with the 1.3 version installed, would you mind submitting error reports to if you haven't already?
  • Covecube
    If the you don't see the shared folders listed at all under the StableBit DrivePool tab, then it sounds like the list of folders that we're getting from WHS 2011 is incomplete.

    Our folder list is populated by asking WHS for a list of shared folders, and then we only show you the ones that are on the pool. After that, we query for size information from Windows Search.

    If you're still having this issue, (if you haven't done this already) go ahead and send in a support request at:

    Just mention this thread and we'll set up a remote support appointment and take a look at the issue.
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