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OS (C:) Drive goes bad

edited May 2013 in BitFlock
I'm sure there was a problem in the process I followed, but I'm despite DrivePool and backups, I've lost all the data in my server files. While I have the most critical info backed up on a separate drive, I will lose some thing of importance if I can't figure out how to fix the problem.  

I'm not able to figure out even with the instructions how to repopulate my data after a clean download of OS on my C: drive.  Thanks to Stablebit scanner I got an alert that indicated my OS drive might be going.  It was an old drive so I wasn't surprised.  But changing out a C: (OS) drive isn't as clear in the instructions as changing out data drives.  

I ended up reloading WHS11 on a clean drive (all my data drives were disconnected) and then restored StableBit products (pool and scanner).  When I replugged my drives, I expected drivepool to recognize the data, but instead I have empty server folders.  My backup disk looks to have information on it, but no matter how I try to recover a previous backup, the data doesn't get repopulated to my server files.  And I can't get to or read the data any other way.  Trying to restore the backup on my backup drive doesn't repopulate the server files.  Despite indicating 750GB on each of my drives, when I click on the drive in computer directory, I get "This folder is empty".  Go figure!

My auto backup has 1010 GB of data.  My other pool drives each have about 750GB of data on them.  But I can't restore that info to my server folders.

Any thoughts?  Instructions that come with drivepool are not that clear.  Perhaps I'm just missing the obvious or my limited computer tech skills are just too limited.  Hopefully someone can point me to the obvious solution.


  • Member
    See, tech skills so bad I posted this on the wrong board.  Moved it over to DrivePool board.  Sorry.
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