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Bad OS (C:) Drive

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
I'm sure there was a problem in the process I followed, but I'm despite DrivePool and backups, I've lost all the data in my server files. While I have the most critical info backed up on a separate drive, I will lose some thing of importance if I can't figure out how to fix the problem.  

I'm not able to figure out even with the instructions how to repopulate my data after a clean download of OS on my C: drive.  Thanks to Stablebit scanner I got an alert that indicated my OS drive might be going.  It was an old drive so I wasn't surprised.  But changing out a C: (OS) drive isn't as clear in the instructions as changing out data drives.  

I ended up reloading WHS11 on a clean drive (all my data drives were disconnected) and then restored StableBit products (pool and scanner).  When I replugged my drives, I expected drivepool to recognize the data, but instead I have empty server folders.  My backup disk looks to have information on it, but no matter how I try to recover a previous backup, the data doesn't get repopulated to my server files.  And I can't get to or read the data any other way.  Trying to restore the backup on my backup drive doesn't repopulate the server files.  Despite indicating 750GB on each of my drives, when I click on the drive in computer directory, I get "This folder is empty".  Go figure!

My auto backup has 1010 GB of data.  My other pool drives each have about 750GB of data on them.  But I can't restore that info to my server folders.

Any thoughts?  Instructions that come with drivepool are not that clear.  Perhaps I'm just missing the obvious or my limited computer tech skills are just too limited.  Hopefully someone can point me to the obvious solution.


  • Resident Guru
    did you check you data drives to see if the poolpart folders are there? (show hidden folders) I just rebuilt my server as well...same problem as you, my OS drive died. I installed a fresh OS, installed DP and it picked up all my drives. If your poolpart folders are gone, then DP wont find anything.
  • Covecube
    If you installed with the pool part drives attached, I believe WHS2011 will try and format any attached drives. But it sounds like you disconnected them first.

    And saitoh is right. Double check each drive to make sure there is a hidden "PoolPart.xxxx" folder on each.

    If there is, and DrivePool is installed and activated, then you'll want to follow this:
    Use the "" link to upload the error reports.

    Also, what version of DrivePool do you have installed?

    Or if you want, if the hidden pool part folders are there, but the drives aren't being added to the pool, *and* the do show up in DrivePool to be able to be added to the pool... you could add the drives to the pool. This will create a second "PoolPart" folder, and you can move the contents from old one to the new one, and it should see the contents right away.
  • edited May 2013 Member

    also, drivepool in my experience will not automatically reconnect your shares with our running the StableBit DrivePool Utilities, found here.


    so going back to your steps, Install whs 2011 OS, then install drive pool, reboot, then shut down again, install pool drives, powerup then run the utility, and you'll be golden. 


  • Member
    This is good stuff.  Thanks all, this gives me hope.  Unfortunately I'm one of those poor smucks who works 13 hour days - so will give this a try Saturday and report back.  I really appreciate the input. 
  • Member
    pool parts are there however I already added the drives to a new drivepool - so can only assume that these are the new pool parts.  If so, guess the others are gone.  however when I click on my new drivepool, it has two files. One is "Old Files" and the other is "ServerFolders".  When I look in old drives it has three files, the first two containing all my material I thought was lost and the third with a poolpart folder.  

    So obviously, I can reload all my old stuff into new files on my new drive pool.  So thanks for helping me find this data. And thanks to covecube for at least ensuring that through this process my data wasn't lost.   But it seems that there should have been a better way for it to reconnect with my data and their documentation could be a little better for this particular problme - replacing and OS drive.

    Is there a better way for me to restore from the place im at now other than rebuilding my old drives in my new drive pool and copying over?  

    Again, can't thank you guys enough for helping me find the data.
  • Covecube
    Unfortunately I'm one of those poor smucks who works 13 hour days - so will give this a try Saturday and report back.  I really appreciate the input. 
    You're not the only poor schmuck who works 13 hour days :)

    I am the developer of the StableBit products, and believe me, it is VERY hard work, including late nights at the keyboard.
  • Member
    Well then thank you Alex.  And as I said before, thanks to you for ensuring my data wasn't lost - though hard to find, in this unusual situation, it was still protected. 
  • Member
    Although this doesn't help the OP, I wanted to suggest an easier way to replace the system disk if it is still running.  My WHS 2011 system disk showed an increase in S.M.A.R.T. spin-up failures.  I removed the disk from the system and cloned it to a replacement disk using the disk manufacturer's software (in this case Seagate Disk Wizard based on Acronis). The cloned disk started up without any issues when installed in the server and the only action required was to click the automatic license transfer dialog boxes for DrivePool and Scanner. That's about as painless as it gets!
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