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DrivePool questions from a newbie.

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
I'm interested in using DrivePool with my media server but I have some questions. I have ripped DVDs in both Folder and ISO format. Is there a way to prevent DrivePool from scattering the multiple files involved in a Folder rip over several disks? Having to search several disks to find all the files in a Folder rip would be painful. Also does DrivePool support NTFS junctions? I have a fair amount of movies which can be accessed under two different names and/or directories by use of junctions. Another question I have is does DrivePool spin up all the disks when it need to access a file or just the ones needed? Finally does DrivePool work with Flexraid or Snapraid?


  • Covecube

    Check out the "Ordered File Placement" Balancer. It will try to put files on the same disk before moving them to a different disk.

    And no, I don't believe that DrivePool itself supports NTFS Junctions.  Though, this is an organizational issue, what are you using to read the files? Because some programs are better about displaying that than others (XBMC is a good program for that, IIRC).

    And as for FlexRAID/SnapRAID. I do beleive it does work fine with FlexRAID at least. In fact, IIRC, there are a few people that have documented how, here on the forum.
  • Member
    I'm using hardware based media players (Patriot Box Office and WDTV Live Plus) to play the files. The reason I want to know if DrivePool supports NTFS junctions is that I have one copy of the same file and/or folder but under 2 different names and/or directories or disks. For example, I have the movie Alien listed in both the Horror and SciFi directories but the actual file is stored in the SciFi directory.
  • Covecube
    I tried using Sysinternal's Junction tool. It just hangs. So, definitely looks like it won't work.
    You could do this manually for each part of the poolpart folders, and that *may* work, but otherwise, no it's not supported.
  • Member
    I'm using Link Shell Extension for Windows 7 64 bit not Sysinternals. Does it make a difference?
  • Covecube
    I'll try it out but, honestly, it shouldn't make a difference.
  • edited May 2013 Covecube
    Most of the modes for it outright don't work. Junction outright fails though. The others fail silently, or probably not what you're looking for.
  • Member
    Thanks for trying it for me. 
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