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Adding a folder

edited July 2011 in DrivePool
Hey im just wondering if somebody can clear something up for me. My pool consists of 3 hard drives. If i add a folder to the pool, the folder appears within the serverpoolpart folder on one of the drives but not on the other two. Is that really how it should be?. This happens whether i select folder duplication or not.


  • edited July 2011 Resident Guru
    Content should initially appear on one drive (if not duplicated) or two drives (if duplicated). As more of the pool is used, DrivePool content may eventually appear on additional drives within the pool, depending on decisions made by the balancing algorithm.

    If a new share's folder is only initially appearing on one drive despite duplication being enabled when the share's folder is first created, but it then appears on two drives as soon as content is added, it might be a bug or an implementation quirk (depending on your point of view).

    What happens when you add your first file or folder to the empty share with duplication enabled?
  • Awesome Shane. Yep i just created a test folder with duplication, dumped a file in there and it created a folder within the serverpoolpart on 2 drives. I then created another folder without duplication and it just put the folder on one drive. I then made that a duplicated folder and sure enough the folder appeared within another drive.Great stuff :-) . I guess the part i was missing was actually putting a file in the duplicated folder to see what happens. :))
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