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One or more disks are disconnected from the pool.

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
I'm getting this message because I created a test pool and instead of removing the drives from it, I just formatted them. Technically there is no pool. How can I make DrivePool "forget" this pool ever existed.


  • Covecube
    To remove a pool, you need to remove all the disks from the pool. Then it "disappears".

    And as for formatting drives, it should only do that if they are not formatted, or otherwise in an "unusable" state to windows.  Otherwise, it should format existing disks.
  • I think you misunderstood what I said. I created a pool with 2 drives, but instead of removing the 2 drives from the pool to remove it, I went to server manager (Windows Server 2012 Essentials) and reset the disk. Doing that removed the pool from the DrivePool UI but I started getting the missing disks message. DrivePool didn't do anything to cause it, I did it by resetting the disk.

    In any event, I figured out how to resolve the issue. I deleted all the files in the Store folder then rebooted.
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