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Not happy with DrivePool's direction

edited May 2013 in DrivePool
I just installed the latest DP beta and I'm not impressed. I went with DP over drivebender because of the clean interface even though it was in beta. Now it looks as if DP is copying drivebender and adding a bunch of crap to what was a nice, clean interface. To make matters worse, every time DP is under any load my desktop becomes jerky. This has become more of a problem with each beta release. I have no interest in how many MB a second is being transferred when my mouse is stuck in the middle of the screen! Now given that there is another pooling program that seems to offer what DP was (a friend pointed me to, you need to get the basics sorted and make sure you don't get lost in keeping up with the joneses!


  • Resident Guru
    You should contact Alex to maybe find out what the problem is. No one has reported any sort of slow down to the point that the mouse freezes. As for features, this is just normal evolution. If DP just stayed to the "basics" it would eventually become obsolete when new programs come along. I have been running DP for years and never experience that type of problem
  • Covecube
    @redman: I can assure you, DrivePool is not copying anyone.

    The performance UI was actually planned from the beginning for 2.X (it was even requested in 1.X by a few users).

    As far as the slowdowns, I'll look into this. Performance has always been a priority for StableBit DrivePool.
  • Member



    I would agree with the recent beta slowing the system down


    running a quad core 3ghz with 8gb ram and defo seeing some issues

  • edited May 2013 Covecube
    After performing some CPU profiling on the latest build, there is a real performance impact on the CPU, when file performance is being monitored.

    In build 256, file performance is only monitored when the DrivePool UI is open, but when it is, there is a performance hit.

    Ok, so here's what we're going to do to address this:

    • Performance monitoring will be completely disabled unless the performance expander is open on one or more connected UIs.

      If noone is looking at the performance data, then the whole thing will be literally turned off, effectively working like the previous builds.

    • As far as cluttering up the UI, I hope that's not where we're headed. Let me elaborate on this a bit more.

      Recently I've added the "Horizontal UI", as a result of some criticism that the vertical UI is too minimalistic and doesn't work well with Windows Snap.

      And now we have the performance expander in the horizontal UI, which when collapsed only takes up a small amount of space towards the bottom of the Window.

      I tried to add these new UI modes in a way that allows the user to control how much they want to see.

      You can still keep using the vertical UI by making the Window narrow. In that mode, none of the horizontal UI elements are loaded into memory, and the vertical UI elements have not changed. You can also collapse the performance UI expander to hide all of the new performance elements.

      I think that I can add 2 advanced settings to address the potential (current and future) cluttering of the UI:

      VerticalOnly - This would disable the Horizontal UI completely.
      HorizontalLite - This would take the Performance expander out.

      This way, if you really do want your DrivePool UI to look and function like any of the previous builds, you would be able to do that.

    I'm going to do some additional memory profiling to make sure that we're not consuming too much memory in the UI and Service.
  • edited May 2013 Member

    well you don't HAVE to upgrade to the latest beta! if your happy with a previous version, stick with it!

    I am happy with an older version, since last time I tried to update I got constant blue screens, and had to restore system to using an older version.

    Working fine, I have no desire to upgrade yet.

  • edited May 2013 Covecube
    I've improved the file performance monitoring performance in build 260 (which I've just put up).

    While copying 5,510 small files (81MB) to the pool (which is the worst case scenario):

    • When the Performance UI is not open, the CPU activity of the Service is virtually nil, and the CPU activity of the UI is < 1%.
    • When the Performance UI is open, the CPU activity of the Service stays below 5% and the CPU activity of the UI stays below 5%.

    The copy operation takes 17 seconds .

    (tested on a Core 2 Quad Q9450)
  • Member
    I do agree with redman. on my whs machine it worked fine. on my desktop machine it works not so good i get lots of locking of the mouse and screen. not sure what the version is, about a month old. i will try the new version.
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