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I get this error when trying to Rename a folder under m3

edited July 2011 in DrivePool

For some reson after i updated to M3 it changed all my folder heading's to full caps i.e Action Movies is now ACTION MOVIES and when i try to change them back i get this error

Error applying folder properties

C:\ServerFolders.Mount\Action Movies.1
already exists.



  • Aslo Just noticed non of media stremers can access the folders now on the server says they dont have access which is a major problem as of now my server is just a stand alone box that nothing can access any help is urgently needed

  • edited July 2011 Covecube
    Added to the list of issues.

    For now you can try to rename the folder to another name like Action Movies 2 and then back to Action Movies to avoid the error.


    For the media streaming issue, try to turn off media streaming for the pooled folders and see if that fixes the issue.

    What are you streaming to?

    Edit: Also, verify folder permissions in the Dashboard.
  • Hi Alex


    My streamer is the the ACRYAN Mini2 i have 7 scatterd about the house for video streaming

    the problem is the permissions keep dropping out the streamers can access the server no problem just the folders stored on the drivepool keep dropping in and out mine seem to do it after the sever has been stood during the night i have to reboot in the morning to get the permissions back the the streamers



  • Covecube

    When the folders are not accessible from the streamer, can you access them from a computer on the network?

    What do you see in the Dashboard, are the folders still visible there?

    Are the permissions on the folders in the Dashboard displayed as expected?

    Can you open the folders from the Dashboard?

    I'm trying to figure out whether the folders are completely inaccessible, the permissions get broken, or whether the streamer has some compatibility issue which only shows up after some time.
  • edited August 2011 Member

    I am getting this error on the latest build released today Build 3189


    My folder "MyVideos" was renamed on the first M3 upgrade to "MYVIDEOS"


    When trying renaming this back to the original name I get the eroor that a folder already exists with this name.


    Any pointers?

  • edited August 2011 Member
    For now you can try to rename the folder to another name like Action Movies 2 and then back to Action Movies to avoid the error.

    I tried this with less than stellar results.  Now I have two folders with pieces of the same data and DrivePool telling me one of my disks is unhealthy with duplicated files.  Need to figure out a way to resolve this easily.  Still brainstorming.

    Unless the uppercase names bother you, I'd suggest you ignore it.
  • Covecube
    @SilverRubicon: If you're still having trouble with this, send a message @ and I'll help you out.

    I believe the annoying folder upper-case issue is fixed once and for all in build 3262+.

    Of course it won't change the existing upper-cased folders back (except the default folders), it just won't happen in the future.
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