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In order to better support our growing community we've set up a new more powerful forum.

The new forum is at:

The new forum is running IP.Board and will be our primary forum from now on.

This forum is being retired, but will remain online indefinitely in order to preserve its contents. This forum is now read only.

Thank you,

Login to new forum and old forum

edited May 2013 in DrivePool

Hi Alex, I don't know if I'm missing something to login into the new forum, but it doesn't work. On here it states:" If you already have an account on this forum, then you can use your existing username and password to sign into the new forum." It seems I already have an account on here since I can login and start a new discussion. When I try to login onto the new forum with my actual account, it says "invalid username or password". It seems I need to create new account... Anyway, if you can sort this out I will be happy.


Another thing, If I may, it would have been easier to just transfer everything to the new forum instead of keeping 2 forums and need to go back and forth between both. A little bit more work at the beginning but easier at the end.




  • Covecube

    The databases are linked, so yeah it should be working. I'll look at your database entry to see what's going on.
  • Member
    I had the same problem and finally created a new account.
    I have been unable to use the same identifier, but the same email was ok.
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