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Drivepool not balancing...

edited July 2013 in BitFlock
In the middle of migrating my WHSv1 to 2012Essentials & the DrivePool beta for that version...

I have 2 drives (5tb total) in the existing pool to start out and as I free up space on the WHSv1 by moving it to 2012, I'll move drives over and add them to the pool;  It's the only way that seems viable as I have 28Tb of data on 14 drives.

Unfortunately I seem to have run into a problem...  Copying the first bunch of stuff over to the DrivePool created logical drive, it quickly filled up the smaller 2tb drive and has the second 3tb drive only about 33% full.  I can no longer copy any more stuff to that pool as it claims the drive is full and nothing more can be added.

It's as if it's not dynamically balancing the pool on the fly?  Is there something wrong here??
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