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M3 Folder - Share Problems

edited August 2011 in DrivePool

A variety of problems arose today whilst continuing the migration of data from my original system to Drivepool 3210.

1. As a result of the increasing number of failures when using a client PC to consolidate my iTunes library onto the Drivepool (DB) Music share I decided to remove DB. Read the uninstall intructions and completed the removal. What I did not realise was DB would not move all my data back into the default shares. All default shares became 'missing' in the dashboard although the data was still scattered across the various disks.

Decided the only solution was to re-install DB and presto it picked up all the original shares or at least it seemed too except I now had folders named 'Document' and another named 'Document (1)'. Realising yet another error when I allowed WHS to recreate the default shares before I reinstalled DB I now wanted to delete the default shares and rename the annoying 'Document 1' share, soon realised this is not possible either.

I am now manually moving all the  data out of the DB shares into the default shares which I have incldued in the pool. Whilst doing this I am seeing file read errors which after repeated retries eventually clears,


DB also marekd various drives as unhealthy, run the repair and it states it needs to re-duplcaite unduplciated fiels, not good as i had turned duplciation OFF at the start of all this to ensrue I did not have multiple copeis scattered throughout the disk. DB currently seems to accept that these fodelrs are not duplciated as no directories are named xxxx.2 which is good.


2. One of my personal directories had been renamed to CAPITAL letters during the above process somehow, this folder was originally created within DB. Using DB to modiy the properties i entered the same name but correctly capitilsied, pressed OK and DB removed the folder from view, gone with no comment! The folder exists in the c:\serverfolders.mount as xxxxx.1 and also i see what looks like a shortcut to the same folder in c:\serverfolders, question is how do I add this folder back to the dashboard as neither WHS or DB now see it? I have rebooted several times but still not visible.


Accept that i caused the majority of the problems by not fully understanding the imapct of uninstalling DB. I would suggest a more detailed description of the process that needs to be followed is required which either starts by stating all data will need to be recreated or provides step by step instructions on how to preserve it (I assume I should have disabeld duplication, followed by remove folder from the pool then uninstall DB?).






  • Covecube
    1. As a general rule, whenever a folder on the pool has the same name as an already shared folder on the server, DrivePool renames the folder on the pool to have a unique name (it basically appends a number to it). This has an interesting effect when you consider default shares.

    In your case, you uninstalled, re-created your default shares on a non-pooled location, and re-installed. Now DrivePool saw that, for example, the "Music" share was already in use on a non-pooled location and renamed the "Music" share on the pool to have a unique name, so that it would be accessible. The idea is that you don't want to get into a situation where your folders can't be shared because of conflicting names.

    This is an interesting problem in that it makes your default pooled share not default anymore. The problem is that we can't just reassign the built-in share, because it may have data in it.

    I think the best solution to this problem would be to re-assign the default shares ONLY if they're empty and use the current behavior as a fall-back when we can't do that.

    That way, if you connect a pool to a brand new install, the default shares will just work from the pool.

    This will be implemented in the future.

    As for the errors, it would be super useful to get more info and the kernel logs for these so that they could be fixed.


    2. Thanks for catching the rename bug. Fixed now. It will now correctly throw an error and not allow you to do that, which is what WHS does when you try to change case on an existing folder. Will be deployed in the next build.

    In order to make the folder visible again, simply restart the StableBit DrivePool service and it will re-register the folders with WHS.

    If you're still having trouble



    I don't think there are any explicit instruction on the wiki for proper removal, but it's pretty simple.

    In short:

    1. Move all your data to non-pooled folders (including default shares).
    2. Uninstall DrivePool.
  • edited August 2011 Member



    Appreciatte both the effort in cutting the code and the time you spend on the forum!

    Uninstall, obvious once you know, maybe an additon in the WiKi because obviously I did not think this through and others are likely to follow:-)

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