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Features from DrivePool not in current BETA M2

edited May 2011 in DrivePool
This has been asked about enough times I thought I'd make a list.

Here are the features absent from the current BETA M2:

  • Move between pooled and non-pooled folders.
  • Redirect built-in folders to the pool.
  • Media streaming from a pooled folder.
  • Remote web access to pooled folders.
  • Dealing with missing disks. (Beta M2 implemented)

At this time, all of these are planned for the final version but are missing from the current BETA.


  • Do you have a tentative beta release to RC release schedule as to when we might expect some of these features to start showing up and when you expect the final product to be done?  Generalities are fine, it would just be nice to have some idea what your goals are.
  • edited April 2011 Covecube
    We're more about having a fixed set of features that we're going for than a fixed release date.

    Things that need to be done as of today:

    • Problem recovery. What to do when things go wrong. Disks go bad / lost. Read / write error WHS notifications. (planned out and being implemented now)
    • WHS core features such as remote folders / media streaming / folder relocation. (planned out)
    • Serious performance optimizations. This may be done post 1.0. (planned out and tested prototype)

    We're shooting for a June / July release for DrivePool, but this is a ballpark figure.

    Expect to start seeing this stuff showing up within the next month and we'll revise the release date as time moves forward.
  • Member
    If I install the Beta M2 now, will I be able to upgrade to the Final Build and get the "Redirect built-in folders to the pool." ?      I have a bunch of spare hard drives, so I'll be sure to always have a backup of all my data while testing the pool.
  • Member
    Would like to see added harddisks not using a drive letter. Using an unmounted disk in DP gives me the oppertunity to use more disks then limited by drive letters.
  • Member
    Would like to see the sizes of the individual folders in the shared server folders view. For administration purposes it's useable for me. And I think it should be a small implementation.
  • Any idea when the ability to redirect built in folders to the pool will be functional?
  • Resident Guru

    Thats already implemented in M3
  • Call me dense but I can't figure out how to do it. My only option to move them to are the individual drives in the drive pool.
  • You have to do it from the stablebit Drivepool shared server folders area...   click the folder on the left, then click "move the folder" on the right
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