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Media Center Extender Users help test? (XBox 360)

edited August 2011 in DrivePool
Can anyone else out there confirm / test how their XBox 360 is seeing the WHS Shares?  I'm having two things happen.

After working together a short awhile, Alex is looking into possibly getting an xbox 360 to test in house.   For some reason I can't see the videos share via xbox dashboard videos.   We tried resetting the Media Player library in Windows Home Server 2011 but it didnt work.   That's is through the dashboard, not media center.   Videos share accessed via Media Center actually works great.   That's my first problem.

The second problem, is I'm not able to see the Pictures share inside Xbox 360 Media Center Extender interface.  Again Videos in Media Center show up fine, but pictures do not.  (even when Pictures share removed / re-added) more details pix here:
(you'll noticed that all the shares shown to add to my library have the + sign EXCEPT videos)    Can anyone else confirm this behavior?   


  • It turned out to be a Drive Pool thing that was just fixed today in version StableBit.DrivePool_1.0.0.3705_BETA.wssx

    "I've just fixed an issue that was causing the DrivePool service to crash after enabling media streaming on the pictures folder."

    Everything works great now!    I can see \\MEDIA\Pictures on All my extenders etc.
    I can also see all folders via the Xbox dashboard as well.

    FIXED! Alex rocks as usual with the lightning fast bug fixes
  • I've actually had issues with this type of thing on my XBOX and other extenders even without DrivePool - a random share not showing up even though all the others are just fine and everything permissioned identically.   Maybe Alex's fix helps with whatever underlying WHS2011 issue is causing that!  I wouldn't be surprised.

    This thing is turning out to be even better than I thought back in the c.500 build days!   Way to go Alex!

    (heard your podcast on The Home Server Show - very cool!)
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