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Moving from WHS V1

edited August 2011 in DrivePool
So I am planning a update from WHS V1. I see one of the features is "Add and remove any drive at any time, even with existing non-pooled data. Existing data is not modified." So.. could I just plugin my hard drives for the V1 pool? Would it pick up all my files and add them to the pool?


  • Now that would be handy..
  • Resident Guru
    What it means is that if you plug in a drive - from WHS v1 or anywhere else - DrivePool will not delete any files that are already on the drive.

    DrivePool does not automatically add your existing files to the pool. Unless/until someone creates an import wizard or plugin, that has to be done manually.
  • IMHO... You want to be the #1 drive pool replacement... Add the import HD from WHS1.. Would be pretty simple, compared to the rest of the drive pool work you are doing... But you would instantly convince a lot of people to upgrade to WHS 2011
  • True.

    But during any beta its best to buy some external HD's (3TB's externals are quite cheap at present, or if you have the large drives the thermaltake X drive devices) and preserve your data just in case.

    Its what I did.

    After DP goes final they can be used for Server backup :).


  • Covecube
    I have though about an "import" feature accepting multiple formats. You're right, it would be trivial to write. It could be done in a day.

    But it's not a priority... work is getting done all the time that's more complicated and it's just of a higher priority than this.

    I'm sure that once the client backups are working, folder moving is smooth as butter, and DrivePool flies at 100 MB/s we can implement all the little cool bells and whistles.
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