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Strange behavior when removing a drive from the pool

edited September 2011 in DrivePool
Testing this addin (build 3785) I noticed a strange behavior. I was removing all drives of the pool. No problems for all except the last-one. I got: error writing c:\ServerPool\ServerFolders.Mount\directory.
The configuration is carring 5 drives (4x1T and 1x2T) WHS (unmounted drive and C) is on the 2Tb disk along with the so called drive D (E,F,G,H being the 1T disks)
Drive D was the last drive I wanted to remove from the pool. If, after getting this error, I want to "re"-add drive D to the pool, no problem. But if I want to remove it again...

I suppose this is due to the fact that drive D is sharing the same physical drive than C. BTW this error does not seem to create any problem to the server.

Is this something specific to my configuration? Was it already mentionne?. And, if I am right, I suppose it would be easy to manage this within the software.

Congratulation for this excellent addin



  • Covecube
    The truth is, DirvePool doesn't remove "drives" but volumes. We just call them drives so as not to confuse people (WHS does the same).

    There should not be a problem removing the last drive.

    The only time you won't be able to remove the last drive is if there are folders left on the pool.

    You're right about the error, looks like it's still present. I believe it's cosmetic, the drive is still properly removed from the pool. Will fix it.
  • Clear for me. Thanks Alex
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