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Error 0x80070057: The parameter is incorrect

edited September 2011 in DrivePool

I get this error whenever I try to write to a Folder in the DrivePool.  If I remove the folder from the DrivePool, I am able to write to it without the error.


I've had StableBit installed for approximately 2 weeks and this error just started. 


Any help would be appreciated.


  • Well a major error and no timely support reply.

    Looks like this software is a no go.

    I'll be removing it from my system ASAP.


  • lol

    You only had the post up for 12hrs lol most support takes 24hrs at least lol chill,  Alex is a cool guy he is probaly working on it right now check for updates.


    I have been useing this software now for 2 months and not had any major problems a few bugs which have been sorted,  i think the software is perfect good luck finding another 1 microsoft dont support drive pooling anymore and the other make i shall not mention is still in beta too there is not a full release of a program that allows drive pooling on whs2011 to date.. thery are all beta's so expect problems!



  • Resident Guru
    Woah, mwolfod, I suspect Alex needs to sleep from time to time! Have you submitted a bug report?
  • Covecube
    For anyone else who needs support, just a reminder, there is no guaranteed support on the Forums. This is just a discussion area mostly. I do try to answer question to the best of my ability.

    If you need a reply to your problem, open a case @

    The reason is simple. I do not get notifications when people post problems here and have no way to prioritize replies.
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