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3 T drive

edited September 2011 in DrivePool
Trying to add a new drive to WHS 2011. Its a 3T drive so I want to add it as two 1.5 drives.

Drive currently has no partitions.

It shows up under DrivePool as addable to the pool. If I use DrivePool to add this drive how will it be partitioned?

Should I not do this and add the drive via WHS 2011 if so how do I do this? The drive when plugged in does not cause any kind of alert to be generated.


  • I figured it out, I used Windows disk managemnt tool to partition and format the disk.
  • Hi jim

    May i ask why you need to partition the drive then add it to the pool by doing that it still is 1 drive as that is how the pool works makes many drives as 1 and drivepool supports 3Tb drives so there is no need to partiton it



  • I wanted to use a portion (partition) of the drive for the client computer backups folder, I (a) wasn't sure if that was supported by the pool yet (b) wanted for now to keep it out of the pool for security of mind :)

    Has anyone moved the client computer backups folder to the pool?

    I also have a separate backup drive (used for WHS server backup), would it make sense to add the client computer backups folder to the list of folders backed up by WHS? That way I would have a backup of the server and all client computer backups.

    The drive actually came from a WHS v1 computer and was partitioned 2T / 1T, with the 1T never being used. I never even realized that WHS v1 only used 2T on a 3T drive :(

    Under WHS 20111 I couldn't get it to format the second 1T partition at all, the option was greyed out.

    The key was using Windows Disk Management to re-partition the disk as a GPT disk and then format two new partitions. Once I flipped it to be a GPT disk I could as you say have formatted the entire disk as a single 3T disk.

    I have a second 3T disk (also from WHS V1) which I need to reformat and add to the pool. This one will be added as a single 3T disk.
  • Covecube
    DrivePool adds volumes (or partitions) to the pool. It doesn't care about anything except the fact that it's an NTFS file system and not a system volume.

    The file duplication algorithm then figures out how to place the file parts correctly. I.e. it won't put the duplicated file part on the same physical drive as the original, even if it's on a separate volume.
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