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Restructuring folder layout

edited September 2011 in DrivePool


using M3 3790

I set up the pool shares originally as root folders on the pool but have now ended up with a ridiculous number of shares. What I want to do is now create maybe three new root shares, and move the existing folders into the new root shares as sub folders to tidy up the layout a bit. Is there a way to do this whilst maintaining the integrity of the pool and the files already in the folders - the standard folder move wizard does not seem to let me do this, it only lets me move folders on and off the pool whereas I want to move folders within the pool. All the folders are single entities, I have not set up any folder duplication for them.  I've looked at previous posts and can't seem to find any info that helps me (that may simply mean that I'm being a bit thick rather than the info doesn't exist !!). If there is any documentation that covers this that someone could point me towards that would be great.

(I can obviously create a new folder structure alongside the original, copy the files into the new folders and then delete the old folders but I was wondering if threre was a quicker way)




  • Covecube
    I think you're going to have to open both folders and cut and paste. The only thing you can't do is move from a duplicated folder to a non-duplicated folder and vice versa.
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