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Full CPU and no share - Clear all settings?

edited September 2011 in DrivePool

Firstly, how do I completely clear the drivepool settings so that it has no log of missing drives etc?

This is the actual problem:

- My pool & share was running fine. 

- I changed a user's rights and the description on the share, the progress bar went through and then got stuck at "Finalizing"

- I left it for a few minutes, but nothing. The share disappeared and the Drivepool service was using 100% and continuously reading off my C: drive (Checked using monitor) 

- I tried restarting, as soon as Windows loads it starts again.

- I tried disconnecting the drives which worked, but upon connecting and detection it started again.

- I disconnected and removed "missing" drives from the pool manually, then generated a new GUID on the drive (Using the same share). Once I plug in Drive pool detects as foreign, but then starts the 100% and main drive reading again.

- Renaming the actual share inside the pool fixed the problem  i.e. [guid]\old.1 to [guid]\new.1. This imported the new pool and share fine but as soon as I try the old name it starts again.

- Re-installing drivepool doesn't help because the settings are still kept.

It seems like it had something to do with the share not finishing properly. Which is why I'd like to clear the config to try again.


  • It seems I spoke too soon.

    After changing the share name as mentioned above it just start doing the same thing again.

  • edited September 2011 Member


    So I've fixed it. Some adding and removing and permissions...

    It seems importing foreign disks is still bit of manual task. You need to import the drive, then give it permissions manually via Explorer and then apply the permissions via the shared folder screen (dashboard) before it properly recognizes.

    This is probably being worked on, but I'll just mention it.

    What I did to get everything into Drivepool was

    - Create the folder structure on a different machine (or with the Drivepool service stopped) i.e. ServerPoolPart.[generatedGUID]\myshare.1.

    - Move all my files into that folder. (With everyone permissions)

    - Start the service which detects the foreign drive and imports it.

    - At this point it seems Drivepool throws away all the permissions and attempting to apply permissions via the dashboard (Shared Server Folders tab) does not work (Access denied) - The disk usage is also shown as 0%

    - This is where you manually have to readd the permissions to the myshare.1 folder from explorer (I just use everyone)

    - After this you can add the permissions to the share at the Shared Server Folders tab which now propogates the correct permissions. After this the drive is now perfect in the pool.

    This same method can be used to add an additional drive (with data) to the existing pool without needing to copy ... 

    Maybe this is how you are supposed to do it but I couldn't find anything related on the forums, so I thought I'd share.

    Hopefully I'm not double posting

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