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Start questions with Drivepool. Please help.

edited September 2011 in DrivePool
Hi this is my first post, so I hope someone can help me answer some questions before I use stablebit drivepool.

1. I have a Popcorn Hour which only can read 1 share at a time. I have
been adviced to make only 1 share on WHS 2011 and have all the other
shares as subfolders in that share.

But how does stablebit handle this? Will the folders below be sortet
somehow so the files be arranged user friendly on the hard drives or
will the files in the subdirectories be spreaded with no logical order
if I access them directly on the hard drive?

2. And if I want to duplicate a folder can I duplicate a subfolder in the share or is it the whole share that can be duplicated?

3. If I make the default WHS 2011 shares part of my pool, will the
D-drives space be included in the pool or is it only the folders that
will be moved?

I hope someone can help me, since it's important for me to do it right the first time:)


  • edited September 2011 Member
    1) From your popcorn hour it will look like one drive/share and everything will be sorted just fine.

    2) You can only duplicate shares.

    3) No the D drive doesn't become part of the pool only the shares are moved.
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