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What should I be seeing for file transfer speeds?

edited September 2011 in DrivePool
Been following the drivepool development, and was finally in a position in which I could give it a shot

Just bought an esata card, mediasonic 4 bay JBOD box, and 4 Samsung 2TB drives (same as the other 5 in the server) to do some personal "feel it out" work.

Set up all 4 drives JBOD, installed stabilbit 3993, then put all 4 drives in the pool.

Set up 1 folder in the pool with duplication, and dropped a 1TB folder on the server (so no network restriction) in.

Next morning, the folder was STILL transferring, and was working at 28.8 MB/s.

Is that to be expected with drivepool and duplication?  I mean that is less than USB2 rates.

Just to make sure it wasn't a hardware issue (since this was maiden voyage on the gear), I took 1 of the drives in the box out of the pool, then transferred the same 1TB folder to it: speeds were bouncing in the 56-62 MB/s range (what I typically see on this server).

So I guess my questions are this:
- Is there a half-rate slowdown in transfers typically seen in drivepool with duplication?
- Are there settings which I may or may not have enabled (I did nothing, so I assume this is running on whatever the defaults are)


  • If you are copying to a "duplicated" folder, it will take a little longer... Slow downs can also happen if you are transferring a large amount of "small" files..

    Did you enable the new DrivePool features when you set up your pool?  Try the same test, but turn on folder duplication and see if that gives you a more standard result for your equipment..  I don't think all of the performance tweaks are in the current build - Alex has been saying that we will be seeing more of those once M4 is rolled out..
  • You need to turn on the new I/O features (Instructions in the Build 3874 post). Speed should then jump up to around 70-80MB/s
  • Thanks hopester that was EXACTLY what was at issue!

    Turned on the I/O features, copied a 4GB file, and moving 75-115MB/s (2.5-5x increase!)

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