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DrivePool compatibilty with Windows Server 2008 R2

edited September 2011 in DrivePool


Is DrivePool compatible with Server 2008 R2? I see that it is an "add-on" for WHS 2011 and SBS2011, so does that mean it requires that WHS like interface in order to work?

Would it be viable to install it straight onto Server 2008 R2?

Thanks for your time.



  • Don't think so.. The GUI and probably some of the backend coding utilizes the DashBoard interface of WHS, SBS Essentials and Storage Server.  I may be wrong on that but you would have to have a complete interface built for it for configuration purposes.  Pretty sure that some of the functionality also depends on some of the features inherit to the three version that aren't available in full-blown versions of Server..

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