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SMART inconsistent

edited October 2011 in Scanner

I'm currently using scanner beta on the 30 day trial.

After I installed it, I had SMART info and temperatures from all my drives. Starting up yesterday, none of the drives showed a temperature/SMART details.

Today some of them are showing again, but not all. Does this have to do with the trial or is it a beta bug?


  • Covecube
    Whatever it is it's not trial related. Could be a bug.

    Keep in mind, It takes a little bit to gather SMART after the disk list comes up, right after a reboot.

    I've had this kind of issue reported before, only to learn that it actually does come up after a minute.
  • edited October 2011 Member

    Yea, I noticed that. This was long after a reboot. I still see it intermittently, but it's not a concern. Rebooting and the immediately opening and waiting seems to fix it.

    What I did see is that sometimes the GUI seems to "freeze". It's not a "not responding" it just doesn't update the main screen. For example I would run a check and coming back after a few hours the drive would still be at say 5%, however when you expand the drive info you can see the drive is actually scanning (The blocks and small % inside the expanded area are updating). Switching tabs doesn't help. If I recall correctly restarting the dashboard helps. 

  • Covecube
    Definitely sounds like an issue with the BETA.
  • I'm possibly seeing something similar, but not in the beta.

    I'm running

    I have 3 identical 1TB drives as data drives (and a 2TB system drive).
    2 of the 3 data drives show SMART data, but the other one does not.   Seems like it must be a bug.

    Have not tried rebooting yet since I'm sorting out an issue with the backup database.  I'll see if it shows up after a few more hours.
  • Actually there's more.   I just did a server recovery replacing the old 750GB system drive with a 2 TB drive.

    In the attached screenshot, the HD identifier is for the old 750GB drive that has been removed, but the size of the drive is correct for the new 2TB drive that is in there... and no S.M.A.R.T. data is available for it, perhaps not surprising since something's out of whack.   The HD ID is also wrong in the default server storage tab, so it's not only in the stablebit tab.

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