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Possibility of a False reading?

edited October 2011 in Scanner

Hey, I was just wondering if it would be possible to get a false reading on Scanner - using it in conjunction with Drive Pool..  Asking, because Scanner is telling me that I have a bad sector on my SSD OS drive - which is possible, but I do know that I have a drive that is in the pool currently that is doing a lot of popping and clicking.. 

I haven't had a chance to run a complete scan of all my drives as I am still in the process of restoring a lot of data and moving files around, but I was just wondering what the chances were that scanner could be interpreting a pass-thru error from one of the other drives through the drive pool mount points?


  • Popping and clicking points to physical malfunction.  Scanner would have no way to test for physical malfunction, nor would it relate to a bad sector.

    I think you probably have a bad sector on your SSD like it says and you also have a conventional drive that may or may not fail soon.
  • got the scanner set to run a scan on all of the drives tonight.. hopefully it will pick out the conv drive that's having problems.. any suggestions on the SSD? Took me forever to get everything up and running right with it being a 64GB drive
  • Or is there a way to still run scanner, but have it "ignore" that one drive so it will stop sending me alerts?
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