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How do we keep DrivePool on the radar of the WHS community while in beta?

edited April 2011 in DrivePool

I've seen post after post on sites such as We Got Served pretty much every time DriveBender releases a new version.   Honestly, I've tried every one of them and I keep uninstalling it after a very short time and going right back to DrivePool.   I know several builds have been posted of DrivePool, yet I've seen nothing written/posted about it.

While I think DriveBender has possibilities for moving DE functionality to "normal" OS's (I could see wanting to use it for my Media Center Box, for example), but in terms of the way it works with WHS2011, it's clunky, far too complicated, and nowhere near as good a fit into the "flow" of the OS as DrivePool.  (I know both are beta, but one can get a good feeling of the "direction" of a piece of software by evaluating the betas).   Plus, I've actually been able to USE DrivePool, whereas DriveBender just creates a lot of problems.

So, to make a long post short, what can we do to help keep some spotlight shining on this great product while it's in the development phase? 



  • Covecube
    While we can make a marketing push for DrivePool right now, I'm not sure it's ready. It still has a few issues with I/O and needs better handling of missing disks.

    The idea eventually is to build a page for it in the spirit of the Scanner so more people can find it and try it.

    I'm open to suggestions. Perhaps we should start making release posts on we got served so more people can see them?
  • Resident Guru
    "Milestone" release posts are good. E.g. build 652 fixed Unicode support; that's noteworthy. But I also agree that one shouldn't push a product before it's ready. Especially with an open beta - never advertise more than your feedback system can handle. :)

    I would however suggest fixing the forum thread containing the beta download to show the correct date - it still shows "Most recent ... March 4"
  • Covecube
    I wish I could fix the date without sifting through MySQL.

    I'm not too thrilled with this whole Vanilla forum software. The idea of all your discussions on a single page may sound good on paper, but I don't think it works in practice.

    We'll be switching to something else (ip.board?) some time in the future.
  • I too was lured into trying DriveBender, based on the public marketing hype, but having tried both beta products, I would through my support behind DrivePool, which clearly looks a lot cleaner and seems to function a lot simpler in the WHS2011 environment, meaning it appears to be more seamless integration from a laymans perspective.
  • ipitman - totally agree.


    PLUS, details are starting to emerge about DataCorp's solution.   It's nothing more than fancy RAID, with all the limitations and complexities that go along with it.  


    Alex, YOU are developing the REAL replacement for DE in WHS2011.    No pressure.   :D

  • Covecube

    Thanks guys. Like I said, we're not giving up until we get this right. I can see all the different parts that need to be in place for this to work, it's just a matter of time.
  • Hi all,

    Just a quick note to say if someone can help us keep up to date with new build releases, we can spread the word - it can be a fair sized task tracking everything that's happening in the WHS world. A simple heads up is all we need.

    Terry (WGS)
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