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Scanner stops and does not restart

edited April 2011 in Scanner
Having an issue with the drive scanner stopping frequently and requiring a manual restart. On a newly introduced 2tb drive, I am having to manually restart the scanner like 10-15 times to get the entire drive scanned, even when I am certain there has been no activity on that drive. Do I need to do anything special to get the scanner running on its own? Am I missing something, or is this a known bug?


  • edited April 2011 Covecube
    The scanner will stop scanning all disk if it's outside of the scanning time window specified in settings and Start / Stop Automatically is enabled. If this is not the case and the scanner is not throttling the disk or waiting for it to cool down (you would see this indicated in the disk list) then it may be a bug.

    If think it's a bug:

    Grab all the files from C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\OmniDriveGuard on the server, zip them up and attach them to a new contact request @

    We'll take a look at any error reports there and if it's a bug we'll try to fix it and push out a new version.

    BTW, using is usually much faster than posing here.

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