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Windows Server Client Computer Backups service is not running (repair lasts 60 seconds)

edited January 2012 in DrivePool
I upgraded to the latest M4 today that was supposed to fix backups.   RebootedI tried to repair the critical status of my MEDIA (server) backup, did the manual Repair now...

The wizard did not complete successfullyBackup repair did not succeedAn unknown error prevented the backup repair process from starting.  Make sure that all services are running and then try again

>>>>>found out.......

Backup cannot connect to the Windows Server Client Computer Backup Service on your server.  If this problem persists, you may be able to resolved the issue by restarting the server.

>>>>>>>>>>I re-added the tiny 80GB USB drive to be used as backup for the server OSit asked me if it was ok to delete old backups, said yes, asked me to re-lable the disk. (said scheduled successful

MEDIA : Critcal (Under Computers/Backup)

The Windows Server Client Computer Backups service is not runningYou will not be able to backup client computers until the service is started

Resolve this alert

Before you start the serviceEnsure tha you resolve all alerts that are related to Server Storage.To Start the service:In Alert Viewer, click Try to repair the issue.

Reparing, please wait..........

Status is now "Set up" No Alerts

>>>>>>>Moments later............

The Windows Server Client Computer Backups service is not running

Repaired again.  Status back to "Set up" no alerts

>>>> minutes later......    I tried to customize Backup for JazPad (my laptop)It says "The backup is not successfully set up An unknown error prevented the server from performing the task.  Make sure that all services onthe server are running, and then try again"

Bam..... The Windows Server Client Computer Backups service is not running (again)

>>>sooo....All my computers show status of "Unknown" and Server keeps going to CriticalThe Windows Server Client Computer Backups service is not running

How do I troubleshoot this or reset ALL server backups to a clean slate environment ?

I wasn't sure if logs would be helpful, let me know if they would be, or if it's all Microsoft territory at this point.


  • Hi this has been a problem since M3 and the cause was the fast file option. Anyway the client backups do work when there not on the pool first of all make sure all the client computers are off navigate to the client backup folder delete it all move the folder to a non pool drive restart server switch on 1 client computer at a time and it should be fine Alex is aware of the problem and is working on it.
  • Just wanted to say that I too am having this issue ever since I upgraded to M4 and it is quite annoying. I even deleted all the existing backups (3 months worth) because Alex suggested it. After deleting the backups, everything was fine until the next backup cycle occurred that night.
  • I found that if i set the service to "Manual" and start the service, the error goes away and it seems to work fine. I'm trying lee1978's fix as well as i have a spare drive in my server anyway that i'm not pooling.
  • Alright, I am now in the same boat. Service never stays up, with client backups on the pool. If I move it off the pool it works fine. Also.. I tend to get a large performance drop with client backups on the pool.
  • Member
    Just keep all backups off of the pool.. it works well and i have zero issues.
  • I too have found issues when putting the Client Computer Backups on the drive pool.
  • Member

    Have had no issues with v5870.  Currently have 3 computers with daily backups on the pool and currently spread across 2 drives on the pool.image

  • Hi

    There is another way to get the client backups on the pool follow my above steps and perform the client backups with the folder off the pool once the backups are done add the folder to the pool and check to see if the backup works I have tried this a few times and it works fine my client backups are on my pool

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