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Just wondering

edited January 2012 in BitFlock
I have been following the top two replacements for DE and have seen the progress Alex has made, so I'm wondering is this stable enough for a work system, or should I wait longer till more bugs are fixed, Not sure how much more needs to be done for perfection or how much longer it will take? any ideas? Obviously this is for data and no one wants to lose it, espically 6 terabytes of it.


  • edited January 2012 Member
    I guess you meant to post this on the DrivePool section (this is BitFlock).

    IMHO, I would be very hesitant to use Drivepool for work/business yet, until it comes out of Beta and the number of outstanding defects has dropped down to a minimum. Lets imagine something goes badly wrong that prevents Drivepool from operating and you can't fix it. Even assuming the underlying files on the physical drives are still OK (and I guess that a serious bug could cause corruption, although unlikely), you would effectively have an outage period and require time to find and re-organise all the files.

    I expect most people using the Beta are using it for their WHS home setup, generally for media (movies, photos etc), where a loss of availability for a few hours or days is not the end of the world for the typical home user (unless you're my wife in which case loss of movie streaming availability constitutes a severe Service Level Agreement violation).

    The worst case is permanent data loss (this applies to home users as well, no-one wants to lose their precious photos, home videos etc) so make absolutely sure you have a solid backup, preferably multiple. See the Crashplan thread for more info.
  • edited January 2012 Member

    Thank You for yor response. FYI your wife and mine would make best friends.  Im sorry just noticed the cat tab to choose right subforum to post to. My bad new to this forum.


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