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Folder duplication on C Drive

edited May 2011 in DrivePool
I installed Stablebit Drivepool and got it all working.  I have added a 1 TB drive and a 500GB drive to the pool.  The 500GB drive is the OS drive but its own partition.  What I do not understand is how I can change so that the folder duplication does not go to the C drive which is my OS partition and not much room on it.  Ideally I would like to have two 1 TB drives with folder duplication across them and not use the C drive at all.

Is this possible?


  • If I add another physical disk the replication works perfectly to both disks.  I guess you just cannot replicate across to a multi-partitioned disk.  I now see that nothing is stored on C as it just points to the data on the two other hard drives.

    Moving the default folders to the drive pool would be really nice if that can be done.
  • edited May 2011 Covecube
    The C: drive cannot be part of the pool. The c:\ServerPool folder is not part of the pool, it is the pool. It's a mounted volume that's not really part of your C: drive.

    You cannot target which drives to use for folder duplication. It will use 2 pool parts with the most free space, that are on 2 separate storage units (or simply hard drives if it's not a RAID).

    In addition,

    A single pool part can exist on any one volume, a volume can span multiple physical disks.

    A storage unit is a set of hard drives that hold data for a pool part.

    When DrivePool picks where to put each duplicated file, it picks from 2 pool parts that have 2 non-overlapping storage units. 


    If pool part 1 is on disk 1 and 2.
    And pool part 2 is on disk 2 and 3.

    Then you have NO separate storage units because they overlap. In this case, if it were to put two copies of the duplicated file on each pool part, there is the chance that both copies will be on disk 2. DrivePool prevents this because there is a chance that drive 2 can fail and you would loose both copies.
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