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DP Cause of Booting Problem?

edited March 2012 in BitFlock
Hello All.  So far I am loving DP.  It is elegant and highly functional.  It was easy as pie setting up my Pool and moving folders to the pool.

However, after restarting my server, it sticks on the screen just after the ctrl+alt+delete screen.  In other words, my server goes through post, then it goes through the highpoint bios screen for my SATA card, where all 13 drives are present and shown operational, then it goes to the ctrl+alt+delete screen, then the screen goes dark where it just hangs.

Here is my setup.  I have a Franken-Build with an AMD Phenom Quadcore, 8gigs of DDR3, Highpoint Rocketraid 2314 Card that's flashed as a non-raid card, with two SATA enclosures attached (8-bay Sansdigital and a 5 bay Venus T5).

The only way I can get it to boot is to turn off the enclosure with the pool ( 5-bay enclosure) and after I start the login (select ctrl+alt+delete and enter my login credentials) I can turn on the enclosure and it doesn't freeze.

Anyone know what the heck is going on?  Any suggestions to try?  Thanks in advance.
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