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DrivePool BETA M2 is out - A note about the 'M'

edited May 2011 in DrivePool
In order to give DrivePool some sense of progress and a clear indicator of where we are, compared to where we want to be for release, there is now a 'Milestone' number in the version.

Here's a short outline of what will be included in each milestone build:

  • M1 - (Milestone 1) - Was the first public BETA. Proof of concept with basic functionality.
  • M2 - (Milestone 2) - Solid foundation in the service and driver to work from. All elements necessary to deal with error conditions such as missing disks / read or write errors are in place.
  • M3 - (Milestone 3) - Integration with WHS 2011 and all planned features in place.
  • M4 - (Milestone 4) - Performance optimizing extensions in kernel. This may be left to post release depending on how good / bad the system performs at this stage.

There will be builds between the milestone builds to fix bugs and address any issues that come up. We are now at M2 and proceeding to M3. M3 will be where there will be visible new features that people have been asking for.

Each milestone build will be accompanied by a blog post. The post for M2 is coming soon, there's a lot to talk about in this build, it should be interesting.
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