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BSOD on wakeup

edited May 2011 in DrivePool
I started getting BSOD upon wakeup on the 15th (twice) and once on the 17th. I have had somelog look at thye logs and the seem to think it points to the drivepool service. I think I was using the initial M2 build. Just installedthe latest build now and will test. I have uploaded the logs via the wiki but are here also


  • Covecube
    I've examined your dumps and one of them does point to DrivePool, however since they're mini-dumps and there's no stack trace, I can't really analyze it further than that.

    If you could follow the instructions here and submit a kernel dump, that would be great:
  • Got this to BSOD again but the dump was stuck on initialising disk and wouldnt dump the file required.


    Will try again

  • Got another BSOD but again the dump was stuck as before.

    I have the service folder here showing the logs.

    I have had to remove the addin for the time being. Hopefully someone can reproduce this and get a dump.

  • To add some further clarity the BSOD happens (not always) after wakeup [u]when[/u] I try and access a pooled share.


    Oddly I have been unable to create this every single time after wakeup :confused

  • edited May 2011 Member

    I have upgraded to the latest release and the BSOD is still an issue.


    To recreate it I wake the server up, then try accessing a folder on the pool, it comes up with an error that the drive is not ready then bluescreens but does not dump the memory as before.

    I am going to try waking the server up and leaving it 5 minutes before I attempt to access the pooled folder to see if this solves anything. My theory is there may be a delay in the drive pool service starting up after wakeup.

    New Service folder here as memory.dmp is not available.

  • Further update


    I have managed to enable via a reg hack the complete memory dump option in the system failure tab.


    Hopefully this will create a dump now, just waiting for it to happen again

  • Resident Guru
    Check that your disks are all good as I started getting BSODs upon installing the new M2 releases and it turned out one - actually two - was starting to fail (thankyou to Alex for debugging the dump file for me).

    This seems an appropriate moment to mention that Covecube also make Bitflock, which does SMART checks on drives.
  • Will try running bit flock to see if it comes up with anything on the drives
  • I have run bitflock and showing no errors.


  • Covecube

    The build 1671 does address a BSOD on wakeup, but I guess not the issue you're having.

    If Windows is having trouble writing out the memory.dmp file, then something more fundamental is going wrong besides DrivePool.

    It may be that the drive is failing (you've ruled that out). Drive cable finicky? Controller failing, controller driver not working correctly? File corruption?

    If you're saving the dump to a standard NTFS simple volume, then technically speaking, nothing installed in Windows can interfere with that save (user applications). The memory dump is written out by the windows kernel. This means that the software sub-systems involved are the standard kernel services, the file system driver and everything below.

    The kernel is ntoskrnl.exe, the file system driver is NTFS.SYS and should not have any bugs like as you're experiencing. Everything below NTFS are MS storage drivers and the controller driver itself.

    If we rule out file corruption, bugs can be in the controller driver itself, or a root-kit installed on your system.

    If we consider hardware failure, then look at everything from the controller all the way up to and including the drives.

    If your OS data is corrupt then all bets are off and any one of these could be bad.

    Needless to say, it's difficult to pin point the cause of a memory dump not being written out.


    If you can get a full kernel memory dump, then please upload it here:

    I'd love to help you, and when anyone uploads a dump I get immediate notification.
  • Alex

    I have not had a BSOD since installing 1671 so fingers crossed. I have woken it up a few times since yesterday and not had the issue.
  • Update:


    No BSOD since thursday morning when I installed 1671.

    Looks like the bugfix to 1671 solved my problems.

  • Covecube
  • No BSOD at all in 3 weeks so this issue is fully resolved.
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