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Transfer speeds are fast but installs are slow

edited March 2012 in BitFlock
I've already bought Stablebit DrivePool but am noticing that installers are becoming slower and slower to actually start as the version number of the beta grows.  Comparing this to DriveBender, I get almost exactly triple the transfer speed with DrivePool then with DriveBender.  However, DriveBender is MUCH faster to actually kick off an install and install said app then DrivePool is.  

For instance:
Adobe Flash Player 11.2 (release), 8.5mb installer
DrivePool - 2min from double clicking the installer accepting that you click the file you want to launch and then waiting for the installer to actually kick off
DriveBender - less then 5 seconds for the same file from the same hardware to the same pc

It's like this with seemingly every installer on my home file server.


  • edited April 2013 Covecube
    I can't speak for DriveBender, but we are using WiX for our installers. WiX is a Microsoft technology released as Open Source. It generates a .msi file.

    Microsoft uses WiX internally to install its own products.

    It is fairly fast and reliable, While there are other open source solutions that are faster, IMO you can't get more reliable than MSI on Windows, so this is what we use.
  • Resident Guru
    Slight confusion I think here; it seems to me that Flak is referring to the length of time any given product's installer takes to launch (#1) from a DrivePool pool vs (#2) from a DriveBender pool.

    NOT whether DrivePool's own installer is faster than DriveBender's own installer.

    Flak, while I have noticed that launching an installer from the pool does take a little longer than launching it from a local drive, a two minute delay is much longer than anything I've ever experienced. I'd be looking for other contributory causes as well.

    (and now I also notice that Flak's post is dated April of last year and is in the BitFlock category; was there a forum burp or is it just an undead equine?)
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