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Feature request: Wire Frame Map

edited April 2012 in BitFlock
http://www.tentacles.../diskmanagement (WHS v1, not supported in WHS 2011)

This link is for an add in for WHS v1 that I used to use to manage my HDD's. The most useful part of it was the wire frame of my server with a map to which hard drive was which physically. I always wished this wire frame would be available as a standard feature on all my PC's not just my server. Then if one drive goes bad I know exactly which one to take out. I think it would make sense for Drive Pool to include something like this. I am running a self built home server and I have 12 HDD's in it. a few 2 TB, some 1 TB, a couple 500 GB and a 250 GB just to round things out. (How did I get so many? I don't throw old hard drives away unless they are truly bad.) In addition my ultimate goal is to replace all the drives with 2 TB drives which is where something like the old DE came in so handy. I could just remove a drive and then pop in a new one and all my files would be safe. Plus, with the wire frame in place it was easy to see where to remove the old hard drive from. Now also, once I have 12, 2 TB HDD's and one goes bad, how do I tell which one it is physically? They all look the same in the box. See if we can add a virtual to physical map of some sort to Drive Pool. I think it would be extremely helpful.


  • Resident Guru
    I remember that. I found creating the wireframe painful. :)

    If it helps any, what I do is set the volume label of each drive to the first and last three characters of the serial number - drivepool displays these in the Server Folders pool tab - then put an adhesive label (with the same info) on the physical drive/bay where I can easily see it.

    P.S. You've posted to the BitFlock forum; if you Edit your post, you can change the category to DrivePool.
  • Resident Guru
    I should clarify that drivepool displays the volume labels, not the serial numbers.
  • Member
    I'd love this too - or at the very least I'd like Scanner to use the volume names you've provided to Drivepool. Having 4 3TB disks all named the same is painful when SMART detects a failure....
  • edited April 2013 Covecube
    Yeah, the wireframe was a PITA (But disk management for WHS was awesome).  That is why Sam hosted a bunch of exported ones. :)

    As for identification, you an enable a number of stats, such as location, age, drive letter, in the main display to better identify the disks.  

    And you can use "Disk Settings" to specify a location for the disk (such as the bay).

    Also, if you are very much interested in the wireframe, please use the contact page to submit a feature request (page is
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