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Dashboard memory usage whilst using scanner

edited April 2012 in Scanner
Dashboard seems to use more and more memory to the point that the dashboard becomes unresponsive with the sanner tab activated


  • I'm experiencing it using more and more memory as well. 
  • This is when remoting into the server and starting the dashboard up. The ScannerService.exe just starts to use more and more memory if that helps. I saw it using around 600MB once before I restarted the server to update to the newest version. 
  • Covecube
    Please let me know if this is still happening in the latest build (2467).

    There were a number of memory consumption / UI performance issues addressed prior to this build.

  • Installing and rebooting now. The scannerservice.exe was using 500MB when I just checked it. 
  • It is using ~100MB today when I checked, so it looks like an improvement so far. I will report back if it continues to grow. 
  • It is back up to 400MB today. I guess I'm not sure what it is supposed to be using, but that seems like a lot to me. I think I will try uninstalling the scanner completely and re-installing it. 
  • Member
    Mine also is using 477MB (as of this writing).  It has been running for 4-5 days now with no restart so if this is going to be its cap not a big deal for me.  Would be nice to know what its doing to need this much though :)
  • WHS 2011 remoting in and it is still using a lot of memory. It is at 875MB of memory now with only 4GB of memory that I have in the system. It looks like this needs more investigating. 
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