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Nest UI Improvement

edited May 2011 in BitFlock
Hi, have built a nest of my WHS drives. When looking at my nest's webpage, if I have N of brand X model Y drives where N>1, there's no immediate way to know which drive is which without clicking each in turn. Perhaps each drive's serial number could be included in the left column (if conserving the layout is important, it could replace the drive's "type" row)?


  • Covecube

    Yeah, identifying the individual drives is not as clear as it should be.

    The thing with serial number / model numbers is that they're not always right :) When BitFlock has Direct I/O access to the drive it's able to query for the correct model / serial, but when there's a stubborn controller driver in the way, or an uncooperative USB enclosure those numbers may be missing or wrong.

    How about displaying the mounted drive letter right next to the drive perhaps along with the S/N?

    I think that would make it really obvious as to which drive it is.
  • edited May 2011 Resident Guru
    That could work - what of cases where the nest contains the drives of more than one computer, or unmounted/removable drives?

    Perhaps serial number, drive letter, volume label? e.g. "Serial XYZ, Mounted as F: [label]" ?

    (fwiw, on my machines I've gotten into the habit of setting the volume labels to include the first and last three characters of the serial printed on the drive's chassis)
  • Covecube
    That could work - what of cases where the nest contains the drives of more than one computer, or unmounted/removable drives?
    Hmm... Perhaps a vertical color coded tag indicating what computer each set of drives came from.
  • Covecube
    BitFlock was refreshed a bit in order to accommodate multiple computers better, and the drives are now listed with the mount points as well.

    You can check it out here:
  • edited June 2011 Resident Guru
    Hi Alex, I like the new look. Very eyeball-friendly. Having the row of computers listed under the BitFlock icon does consume a fair amount of vertical space, would it be practical to have them to the right of the icon instead?
  • Covecube
    Yeah, good point. I think the cloud needs to go on the right, the nest ID on the left and the computers can move up to the top.

    Perhaps in the next revision :)
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