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Parity Drive?

edited April 2012 in DrivePool

Just wondering if there's any plans to add any RAID5 like features in DrivePool. Being able to swap a failing drive and not having to worry about copying / losing data would be a big plus for me.

If there's no plans to add this in DrivePool, does anybody know if something like FlexRAID will play nicely with DrivePool? Thanks!



  • edited April 2012 Resident Guru
    I don't think DP will ever have Raid capability because it already has duplication(file and folder) in place. As for if plays nice with Flexraid, yes it does. I have been running both for more then a year now and have never had an issue. Since i use Flexraid, i have no use for duplication. If you do decide to go this route and also add Stablebit scanner, just remember to configure your Flexraid schedule to not conflict with scanner :)

  • Hi saitoh183,

    How does this work exactly then? I'm assuming I set up FlexRAID first, with my DRUs and one or more PPUs, then add the DRUs to the DrivePool pool. Does that sound right? Also, does read/write performance take a hit when compared to using just DrivePool? Thanks very much for your replies!

  • Resident Guru
    It doesn't matter in which order you set them up. DP just merges your drives, Your performance comes from DP and Flexraid doesn't affect it. Flexraid is only relevant for performance if you were using the pooling feature of it. Since you aren't, the only performance you will see is when your parity drive is being updated. Also dont forget to not add your PPU to the pool :)
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