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Hw often is SMART data polled from the drives?

edited April 2012 in Scanner

As per topic. How often is smart data requested from the drives and why isn't this configurable?

Also, if my drives are spun down, do they get spun back up when smart data is polled?



  • Resident Guru
    I think its as often as your set your auto scan
  • Hi,

    Where is auto scan? I am using on WHS 2011. In scanner settings the only options for time based events are 'Work Window' and 'Recheck  readable / unreadable sectors'?

  • edited April 2012 Resident Guru
    Depending on if you set the scan period to anytime or time window and your re-check period it should start based on those config if you click on "start/stop automatically"
  • Hi, I'd allowed the scanner to expire as I wasn't totally convinced, but I had a change of heart and brought a license.. So I'm curious again how often the SMART data is polled..

    I have those two settings set to I believe a default 30 days.. But that reads to me like scan frequency, as in surface scanning. Is that correct that the SMART data from the hard drives is only polled every 30 days!? That doesn't seem right surely?

    I can understand why you wouldn't want to be scanning the physical surface every 5 minutes but surely the SMART should be polled a couple of times a day minimum to catch problems developing that aren't surface related?

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