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Load Balancing

edited May 2011 in DrivePool

I'm wondering about how the load is distributed across disks... I'm in the process of transitioning my server videos, photos, and music off WHS v1 to WHS 2011, and will be bulk-writing the data back to the pooled folders (Once I'm comfy with DrivePool, and the server in general.)

Will that data be written across the drives evenly, to a first on the controller, first written standpoint and balanced later, or not balanced at all? And if it's not balanced, will there be plans to do so in the future to achieve higher speeds?




  • Resident Guru
    It appears that current M2 builds still do the same as M1 - files are _generally_ written to the disk with the most free space at the time. There is no "landing zone" or "first disk". By example I've just transferred half a TB or so to an already partly-full pool of three 2 TB drives; free space remaining is currently 318, 284 and 275 GB each. Given the last transfer involved files <1 GB in size, you can see that it's not following that rule perfectly; possibly it queries the free space per disk only every so often, to avoid a performance hit; a brief peruse of the wiki didn't enlighten me.
  • Resident Guru
    P.S. I suggest using TeraCopy or similar software if you're copying large/valuable data, as it supports CRC verification that what was written to the destination is what was read from the source. Even if DrivePool wasn't in beta, I've had controllers and disks silently corrupt data before...
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