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Notifications for Latest DrivePool Post-Release BETA releases

edited May 2012 in DrivePool
Hey Alex,

I used to rely on your twitter posts to know when a new build was ready for download.  It looks like you're not using twitter for post-release beta builds.  Is there a way to subscribe to something so I know when you release a new build?  Maybe you could have a thread on the forums we can subscribe to.  The one at the top is closed and only redirects us to the actual beta page.

I'll just keep checking it every so often for now :)


  • Member
    Use a free service like to track the changelog at

    I get an email within an hour after the new version is out.
  • Member
    Perfect, just what I needed!  (nice, never heard of followthatpage)  I'm signed up thanks.
  • Member

    BTW - the free program I use to check (and also a whole number of web sites that I am interested in on whether they have changed or not) can be found at:

    It can scan hundreds of pages and no limit on how many per day/hour.  I always start it when I logon and set it to check on start-up. I generally click on it to do another manual check a few times a day but you can customise when and how often it does automatic checks. No emails clogging up my inbox and I have total control over when and what to check. You can even set it to check a subset of a web page so that you don't get caught by inconsequential changes like statistics and advertising.

    It is quite old (last update November 2006) and not under any active development but it works! The only thing that I find missing is that it can't scan https sites for changes, I still have those there but have to use it to go to the web site from it to check for any changes.
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