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DrivePool, WHS 2011, and CrashPlan

edited May 2012 in DrivePool
I'm curious if anyone else has seen this problem.  I'm not even sure that it is DrivePool's fault, but it might be related.

I use the released (6008) version of DrivePool, with 5x2TB drives all in a single pool.  Crashplan is used to duplicate the server to the cloud and to my old WHS 1.0 server that does nothing but run Crashplan for backups across the network.

For more than 5 months my WHS2011 server has been freezing intermittently, and when it locks up, it requires a hard reset.  Worse, when it freezes, it creates so much noise on the network that network connectivity is interrupted for other devices on the network as well.  Once I power down the server, the network is fine.  But what causes the freeze?

I've been troubleshooting this a little at a time over the last few months and believe I have finally narrowed the fault down.  I don't know exactly what causes it, but I know how to reproduce it.

It turns out that when WHS is backing up a client (inbound to server), and CrashPlan service is doing some activity (like an outbound backup or analyzing files), the machine seems to freeze predictably.  For example, I had crashes at precisely 12:37AM three days in a row during a WHS backup.

I finally modified the CrashPlan settings to backup during daytime hours (instead of "Always") and set the client backups to run during night hours.  No backup overlap exists.  With no overlap, things seem to backup just fine without freezing.  At least for the last 24 hours or so.  That may be a work around, but still, I shouldn't have to do that, right?

Ok, so how is DrivePool a contributor?  I don't know.  But with backups running on other machines (ok, *outbound* client WHS backups with outbound CrashPlan) and without DrivePool, I don't see the crashes.  I'm wondering if there's some sort of funky file locking issue or something?  Any ideas?


  • Resident Guru
    It could be a file locking issue. I ran into something similar (not identical, but similar) when I had Crashplan backing up too frequently from a laptop to the server, and DrivePool was having trouble maintaining duplication for the backup folder.
  • Member

    I have similer problem with you.

    I've thought Couse of this Server freeze problem is Drive Scanner beta.

    Actually, This problem happen when I'm playing DIABLO3 or downloading files.


    I wanna also good idea to solve this problem.

  • Member

    I remembered.

    On File dupulication mode  "Dupulicate files later" , My server has never crashed.

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